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Welcome To Bowmeisters

Bowmeisters Field Archery club hold regular weekend field events at our base in Shropshire. We’re a happy band of individuals who enjoy a relaxed and informal approach to field archery.

Bowmeisters Founders, Skip McDowell & Del Reeves set up the club as an alternative, or addition to,  standard club target archery.  They host each event on their private, Shropshire based site which is set in a five acre wood, with lakes and islands, offering an ideal location for a challenging outdoor event.  All bow types are welcome.

Bowmeisters Field Archery is registered with NFAS (National Field Archery Society), and is the only NFAS registered club in Shropshire. 

We welcome other like minded archers who would like to join us on our challenging course. So if you're interested in taking part please contact us for further details.


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Bowmeisters Archery Adventures

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