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Terms & Conditions



BOWMEISTERS private site is located at Stoke Heath, Near Tern Hill, Shropshire.

PARTICIPANTS should be at the site at least 30 minutes before the advertised event start time.

PARK IN THE ALLOCATED PARKING AREA ONLY. Car parking is limited. We recommend guests car-share wherever possible.

CARS PARKED STRICTLY at owners risk. Bowmeisters will not be liable for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.


SMOKING (or vaping) is not permitted anywhere on the premises.


DO NOT ASSEMBLE your equipment on the car park.

ON ARRIVAL take your equipment to the Assembly Point and sign in. Currant NFAS membership cards must be shown at sign in.

FEES PAYABLE AT SIGN-IN (where applicable). Cash only. Fees may vary.

FOOTWEAR - Wear appropriate footwear - walking boots or wellies recommended.

STRICTLY NO UNAUTHORISED ACCESS to the woods once the Shoot has started.

EACH GROUP will be accompanied by an authorised Bowmeisters Leader.


NO SHOOTING at unauthorised targets.


PARTICIPANTS SHOULD carry Whistles in case of emergency.


NO LOST ARROWS - STRICT RULE – Count your Arrows IN and OUT.


MISSING ARROWS – Inform a Bowmeisters Leader immediately. Search teams will be organised at the end of Shoot. 


NO LITTER OF ANY KIND, including broken arrows, should be left on the site.


LEAVING THE SITE – Please leave the area quietly and respect the privacy of neighbouring property. If you need to leave before the end of the event, notify a Bowmeisters Leader who will sign you out.

CANCELLATIONS -  If you need to cancel your booking please give at least 48 hours notice by email to otherwise you may still be charged for the booking.  

Disclaimer. Neither Bowmeisters, nor the Landowner, accept any liability for any injury, loss, illness or damage of any kind, to any persons or property incurred during any event or at any time whilst on the Bowmeisters site.


Bowmeisters Field Archery

1st May 2023



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